Currently rewriting this section of my website, please excuse this poorly written story lol.

My name is Anthony Calixto and I’m a full-time mixtape cover designer with a passion for designing beautiful websites and professional cover artwork. I started designing back in the beginning of high school (2007-2008) when I discovered myspace.com and decided I wanted to learn how to design layouts. It wasn’t the easiest start for me because it was almost near to impossible to ask someone for advice on designing a layout (which program to use, how to use it, etc.).

Eventually I learned about a program called photoshop and been in love ever since. I would spend hours and hours mimicking the design of other layouts, and copying the html/css code to learn how to build my own from scratch.

A few years later, myspace.com started dying down and people started switching over to websites. This is when I started using my knowledge in photoshop, and html/css to start creating websites for friends and family. A while later I started getting into designing cover artwork, logos, flyers, and more. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else ever since. I love the feedback and criticism that comes with working with people from all over the world, and having them tell you they love your work after is one of the most fulfilling feelings. I look forward to working with and meeting a lot of people during this journey. If there’s anything you want to know more about, have a question, or just want to say hi, feel free to use the contact form on the contact page and I look forward to reaching out to you :)